Old news but new to me - Ralph Colman bikes has closed in Taunton

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It's not my local bike shop but not that far from me about 30 miles away in Taunton, Somerset and had intended to have a look in the store to browse etc but all shuttered up and just a note on the window about who are the administrators for the business. Seems to have closed in July but the first time I have visited Taunton since they have closed. I had noticed I hadn't received any email mailshots for a while.

Almost reached a 100 years of business but I think 4 years short.

I think the shop mainly focused on fairly high end bikes and brands but seemed competitively priced for those models although the models themselves were not competitive for their components. There wasn't much in the shop for those looking for entry level bikes. They seem to have a nice range of e-bikes but again prices very high.

Those who bought their bikes there for the free servicing for life will obviously be disappointed. Some of the offers at the end almost seemed like they knew they were closing soon. I did a search and couldn't see any existing obituary for the store so thought I would add one here in case anyone has any memories and experiences of the store to add.

https://web.archive.org/web/20180901165 ... man.co.uk/