Rear Drivetrain Noise

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Hi everyone,

Not sure what I did wrong after multiple checks so thought I'd seek for some advices.

The problem of noise appears when shifting into 10th gear from the 11th one, it creates a loud, periodic noise (almost like something inside the hub is dangling) along with chain waving. The sound continues when shifting into 9th gear, and gradually disappeared when movign down to lower gears. All this happened with chain staying on the large front chain ring. If I perform the same gear change with chain stays on the small chain ring, the noise got quieter.

I made a short footage which I hope would help demonstrate the issue: ...

The setup is as followed:

- R8000 RD SS
- R8000 11-28 T Cassette
- R8000 52-36 Chainset
- Chain with QuickLink (cut to adequate length as per Park Tool’s tutorial suggestion)

I have also try to use a different cassette (11-32 T), but the noise persists. A bit concerned about damaging the cassette as the bike is a new build anad it's on loan for a trip so any advice wouold be greatly appreciated.

P.S. The rear hub is taken apart for examination but nothing seems to be wrong. Have also checked the derailleur hanger alignment but it didn't help either. I did some digs around and found this video, but not sure if that's the case:
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