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Roscoe 7 2019 Vs Specialized Rockhopper Expert Vs Nukeproof

Clarkie.DjClarkie.Dj Posts: 16
edited September 2019 in MTB buying advice
Hi. I have filtered my choices of a new bike down to 3 Trek Roscoe 7 (2019) Rockhopper Expert (2019) and NukeProof Scout (2019)

2 questions really.
1. Which is worth their money? Are the differences more about components than frames?
2. My heart is leaning towards the Roscoe 7 (2019), as I like the frame - What would you upgrade on the Roscoe to make a superior beast! Wondering what it would take, investment wise, to get it to the Standard of the NukeProof or even higher. Where would you look first?

Thanks for advice in advance :-)

Roscoe has 7: ... e-EV340606

Rockhopper Expert: ... e-EV337875

Nukeproof: ... prod170308


  • robertpbrobertpb Posts: 1,866
    The Nukeproof is a better bike in geo as well as parts, I wouldn't even look at the other two.
    Now where's that "Get Out of Crash Free Card"
  • robertpb wrote:
    The Nukeproof is a better bike in geo as well as parts, I wouldn't even look at the other two.

    I agree the Nukeproof is a better bike, I just couldn't stretch to it in the end, unfortunately, so went for the Roscoe 7 and will upgrade over time.

    What would you suggest should be the first things I should look at? (once the bike pot has replenished itself slightly).

    First thing that stands out to me are the brakes, but they might just need bedding in. Would you upgrade the brakes, forks or derailleur / group-set first? (looking at the NX Eagle 12spd)

    Side note. I have a set of RockShox 30 Silver Solo Air TK 100mm forks from my previous bike (Norco Charger 2 2018). Would you swap out the RockShox Judy Silver TK, coil spring that are on the Roscoe already for the Air TK?

    I think they're both pretty basic, but it's better to have Basic than Basic basic, I guess. :)
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