Campy Potenza Powertorque+ crankset extraction

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Hi everyone!
I am trying to extract my Potenza crankset but I am having a doubt and I can't find the info anywere, nor Campy instructions, no youtube tutorial.
When unlocking the left side crank with the 14mm allen key, should the crank arm get loose, or should I keep turning the key to extract the arm? I am saying that because the first 90º turn seems pretty easy and straightforward and I assumed that was enough to get the arm loose. I know that usually on self extracting cranksets you need to keep turning the retaining bolt until the arm becomes loose, but with the Potenza crankset I find an evident increase in the resistance of this bolt to keep being turned after the initial 90º and I would not like to ruin the crankset.
Can someone help me with this issue?
Thanks a lot!


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    Potenza is not the same Power Torque as you are linking to, so best not to follow that guide OP.

    "The Potenza crankset makes use of Campagnolo’s Power Torque design, with one important update: for the first time, the left crank includes a built-in extractor, so there is no longer a need for a purpose-built tool to remove the cranks. It’s a welcome addition to the Power Torque design, which is now referred to as Power Torque Plus.

    As a Power Torque crank, Potenza is compatible with all of Campagnolo’s exisiting Power Torque bottom bracket cups that suit a variety of formats (BSA threaded, ITA threaded, BB86, BB30, BB30A, PF30, BB386). The right-hand bearing is mounted on the steel axle of the crank while the left hand bearing is fitted to the cup. A single tool (14mm allen key) is all that is required to install (and remove) the new crankset."
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    2 different types of power torque, who thinks this stuff up!
  • Campy...
  • Its a lifestyle choice.
  • Powertorque+ was the solution to the complains a lot of people had regarding the original Powertorque. It seems that they realized it was stupid having Powertorque+ and Ultratorque, and after a year Potenza went Ultratorque. Powertorque+ is fine, I just need to figure it out how to split the crankset without damaging it...
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