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New tires

YiannisMYiannisM Posts: 343
edited September 2019 in Road buying advice
Hey guys, i need your advice for new tires. I ride around 5-6000km per year, 90% on dry. For several years i was very happy with conti GP4000 S2. In general other than today that i have 3 punctures, i usually get like once in a year. So the bar is those tires. Most important for me is the grip and the comfort. Puncture protection has to be on the lvl of the 4000, same as the durability.

My short list

1A)Continental GP 5000
1B)Pireli velo.

3)Vittoria Corsa Control. Those just for the stripe on side, it looks really nice on my Bianchi.

So what do you suggest? I am also open to other options too.


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