Alternatives to TrainerRoad

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So having looked it up and realized I have spent over £500 on TrainerRoad since first becoming a user it has made me think I should start looking for an alternative.

I have never followed their plans as I prefer to create my own workouts and I don't find their calendar particularly useful, I tend to use a mix of my own calendar, Strava and Golden Cheetah so it seems like I am paying for a lot of stuff that I am not using.

I do, however, do quite a bit of training on the turbo and need something to send workouts to my current Tacx Neo. I have looked at ErgDB to create workouts (actually looks better than TrainerRoads!). But in order to drive the turbo I can either use Tacx software or my Garmin, any comments on those? Any experiences? Or Alternatives I should consider? Either PC app, phone app or via a Garmin Edge 530.



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    Sufferfest works for me
  • If you have a TR subscription and are tired of paying for it, disconnect your laptop from your network (if you can live with that), and cancel your subscription. As long as you don't open TR whilst online, TR will have no idea your subscription has lapsed. Sure, you won't get updates or be able to sync with other software/ apps, but hey, you still have access to the workout library and it continues to work perfectly.
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    Sufferfest or create your own using the TACX App. Works well with the Neo.
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