Talas 5 top cap bleed. Really need some help.

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Hi everybody,

I have dissembled the top cap of a talas 5 cartridge and am kind of stuck now. The top cap is out of the air sleeve. I've also taken off te cap with the shrader valve and the springs and balls below. Now I want to put it back together, but I need to bleed it. I'm not certain how to do this.

On the spots were the little balls are I see 2 holes. One "big" one and one really small one.

On another forum I've read that you should top it off with oil and then suck the air out with a syringe. But I can't top it off with oil cause the oil goes through the centerhole below the shrader valve. I've tried putting oil into the big hole with a syringe, but it looks like it's coming out of the bottom and not staying in holes.

Can someone please explain te procedure to me?

Thx in advance,


PS: These are the shematics from Fox, but they don't explain the bleed procedure: https://www.ridefox.com/fox17/help.php?m=bike&id=74


  • I can't help with that from direct experience, but I find Google very helpful. Mostly it ends up pointing at something on YouTube. A bit of time invested there will prove helpful, I'm sure.
  • Well Google isn't helping either and I've invested quite some time already. It doesn't seem to be a common problem. Fox also doesn't provide any insights.
  • Try calling TFT.


    01373 826800

    All of their techs wear headsets and can take calls whilst working. They serviced my TALAS forks recently, so should be able to help.
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