New tyres - £25 budget each (ish)

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So have decided to replace the Conti Ultra Sports that came with the Ribble. Can't really bring myself to spend more than £25 per tyre on a bike (you start approaching car tyre prices which is crazy).

In the past have had success with Michelin Pro 4, used service course but thinking Endurance would be a more sensible option this time. IS there anything that can really rival the Michelin? Never really experienced Vittoria or Schwalbe and apart from the current Contis, all previous Contis on bikes the sidewalls have fallen apart.

What's out there?


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  • For a good performing, all season tyre that rolls well and doesn't cut-up, you wont find a better tyre than the Power Endurance...

    Having said that, if you can still find the older Pro 4 Endurance variant at a cheaper price, I'd consider those too as I see little difference...
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    I picked up a pair of Hutchinson Fusion 5 Performance (non TL) from Merlin's ebay outlet for £15 last week. Not sure if they are available elsewhere. Excellent tyres if you can find them on offer..