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CX season approaching

cyclingsheepcyclingsheep Posts: 640
edited September 2019 in Cyclocross
So as some of you have started your season and with others about to, how much heavier are you at the start of this season than the end of last? Somehow in the off season I’ve barely managed to touch my bike but bottles of wine have been easy to come by so I’m starting about 6kg heavier :D This season’s going to be tough and getting into my kit even tougher


  • tgotbtgotb Posts: 4,714
    That beard must weigh a bit...

    I can't remember what I weighed at the end of last season, but I'm about 6kg lighter than I was this time last year. New bikes are 1kg each lighter too; shame we only have one race at the Bowl...
    Pannier, 120rpm.
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