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Carbon wheelset recommendations

allpetallpet Posts: 4
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I have bought an Acros Endurance Race wheelset through Internetstores GmbH something-something, but the rear hub failed after 2 hours. Luckily it was a local trail. It only took me an hour to walk out of the forrest.
But helpdesk is absolutely worthless (slow and they don't know the term customer service). They have had more quality time with my wheelset than I have, so I have given them a deadline for this friday for them to get my rear wheel back to me.

They're probably not going to be able to meet that deadline and that is where you come in. Friday I will return the front wheel and get a full refund and then I will need a new carbon wheelset.

Price point around 1.200€ (including VAT and import duties which in Denmark will be around 30% if it's from outside EU). :(
Internal width 29-33mm.
POE 36 or more.
Rated for Trail or All-Mountain is fine.
TA 15x100 and 12x142.
Ride quality: Firm is OK but not harsh like Enve or others. I hate roots and need a little flex in the wheelset. One of the reasons I chose the Acros wheelset was a German review on the internet where they used the word ”unauffällig”/inconspicuous. I like that. And for the 2 hours they lasted they were fantastic.

Mavic XA Elite Carbon fits the bill, but I can absolutely not find any reviews. Are there any who have experience with these wheels? I can find reviews on Mavic XA Pro Carbon but they're only 26mm. have some 30mm carbon rims you can get laced up to all kinds of hubs but again what is the ride quality? If I sell one of my kidneys they also have an McfK 35mm carbon rim but again what's the ride quality?

Chinese carbon wheelsets? What's the ride quality? I found a review on Mtbr or Pinkbike on some Carbonfan wheels. It went something like: ”I took them out for a spin on my local trails and they performed well. Nice quality!” :-| If the ”reviewer” like Enve wheels and the Carbonfan wheels are just a stiff they are not for me. Really cheap Chinese carbon wheels are sometimes soft as wet noodles.

So, give me your best shot. Are there any wheelsets out there that fits the bill?


  • I've had two wheelsets from these guys: I would recommend them.
    The first I've had nearly two years built up on Derby rims and the hubs are still on the original bearings and I rode them through the UK winters and they are still good. I've walloped them through rock gardens and cased plenty of jumps on them and they are still straight. I was so pleased with them I bought another set on their own carbon rims so that I can run different tyres without so much faffing each time the weather changes.
  • Thanks Marcus :) I will take a look at them.
  • Lightbicycle.Com can't fault my wheels and you can configure pretty much whatever spec you want..
  • mattyfez wrote:
    Lightbicycle.Com can't fault my wheels and you can configure pretty much whatever spec you want..

    Hi Matty,

    What rims du you have and how is the ride quality?

  • I really like them but it's the only set of carbon wheels I've have, and I upgraded from a cheap generic set of standard alloy rims so I can't really compare them with anything. Sorry that's not much help!

    The wheels I have are 26er, 27mm/33mm Am spec
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