Recommend me a company please

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Good afternoon

Could anyone recommend a good company that we can use for the way of the roses ride next year?

There could be a group of us doing the 170 mile trek over 3 days raising money for a local charity and it would be less stressful for me if a company could organise accommodation, support on-route and of course transfer back home :)

There are quite a few out there that do these trips but would like to know which ones you used and if you would recommend them or not .

Thanks in advance for your help :)



  • Thank you Oxoman

    I will check them out :)
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    Saddle Skedaddle are the best - fabulous tours, but they dont offer the duration you are looking for. They will bespoke stuff so may be worth asking them though.

    I havent personally but know a few people who have done Peak Tours and said they were great - they seem to offer a 3 day option that might suit.
  • Thank you for all your help so far :)
  • Another good operator is which has a wide variety of options that you can choose to go throughout Europe
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