Retouching frame finish

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I have damaged the finish on my frame by using an ill-fitting BB tool. There are 3 areas on the bottom bracket shell, 2 underneath and 1 on top. The finish is a textured matt black anodising on a 7005 T6 alloy frame. I have rubbed down the areas ready for painting as shown in the photos.



My research has suggested I need an etching primer, although I don’t know what effect it may have on the surrounding anodising. I had hoped to use a brush rather than spray but this I understand is not advised as you need a thin layer which is difficult to control with a brush.

As for the top coat, I’m not sure if matte or satin will be the better match and there’s so many different types of paint I don’t know where to start. I’m not expecting a professional finish, just a hard wearing one.

I also need advice on masking tape as I don’t want paint on the face of the BB shell.

Thanks, Mark


  • is it really worth the hassle? Once chainset is on you won't see it
  • take it to the local paint factor and they will match, make up and sell you exactly what you need in the quantities you need while advising you on what you need to do.

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