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Zwift “bikeradar club”

irvsirvs Posts: 204
Hey everyone, I’ve just ordered a Tacx vortex and will sign up to Zwift once it arrives.
Question, is there a bikeradar “club” organised on Zwift, like dedicated group rides, races, even a bikeradar branded Jersey??



  • dannbodgedannbodge Posts: 960
    I think there is a jersey but none of the others (as far as i'm aware)
  • irvsirvs Posts: 204
    Would be great if someone knew how to put it together could do it. Then creat a list of usernames and a set time to do a ride.

  • There's definitely a BR jersey, I tend to use it, in a bid to lower the standards of BR riders in Zwift. This year, I've been very successful. ;)
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  • irvsirvs Posts: 204
    Haha, I like your style, I haven’t been on a bike in 4 years I’m definitely going to be lowering the standards.

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