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This MTB lark is fun!

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Recently went to an MTB centre with purpose made routes, skills loops, etc. I've done a little on the past but mostly forest trails on gravel. No mtb only a gravel bike thing. This time a decent bike hub/centre with family and mountain biking friends.

What fun! Our young lad loved it and wants to keep his bike muddy forever now.

I was riding a road / gravel type bike that's kitted up for commuting and touring than off road. Only to concession to off road was switch from 32mm slicks to 37mm CX tyres. Loved it.

So without much budget how can I enjoy it more? No budget for a new bike. 38mm is max width for 799 tyres. Would changing to 650b wheels and tyres if I could afford them be worth doing. Bear in mind I'm never going to be hitting the hard trails. Blue or red is OK with me.

Bike handling skills are basically where I need to be just need to learn to ride the trails more. Jumps are new (well as an adult that is) so confidence is needed there more than outright skill.

Any suggestions? Perhaps a secondhand hardtail might be bought for the price of 650b wheels and tyres. I really don't know. Mountain biking will really only be an extra to the cycling I do but I think we want to do it more as a family (6 year old son and two adults, one of which has done mountain biking a bit on trails rather than bike centres).


  • The RookieThe Rookie Posts: 27,809
    £300-400 (so not much more than decent 650B wheel and tyre combo) will get you a good used hardtail (and N+1).

    The Voodoo Bizango is in that price range and gets reviews way better than its £650 asking price (new) would predict, often outscoring bikes that are priced 50% higher.

    Here you go as an example ... SwJkNdEP1D
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