Connect Bontrager 1300 Ion Pro RT to Bolt?

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I see the lights have Ant+. Can they be connected to Bolt so i can see battery %?
The front light is currently attached upside down (light at bottom, bolt on top) so i cant see the lights around power button.


  • StillGoing
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    I wouldn't have thought so as what would be the point? It isn't as if you're going to operate the lights from the Wahoo. If you had Di2 with EW-WU111 D-Fly unit and the hidden buttons on the shifters, that would then be able to operate the light for you.

    But, try and connect to it and see if it will just tell you the battery level.
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  • david7m
    david7m Posts: 636
    Doesn't seem to work - mission aborted :lol:
  • Wahoo have said that Ant+ light control isn’t in their plans at the moment. Which is a shame.