Lotto Soudal have a performance director!

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Well did have...
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  • Filling in for the cryptic OP. ... te-effect/

    Maybe they can ask him why the fark Thomas de Gendt isn't in today's break, while they are at it.
    Could have won this stage by a quarter of an hour.
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    I thought Pro Race did cryptic...or at least CN!

    Anyhow, that had to be one of the cushiest jobs ever, along with the agricultural advisor for The Archers.
    Half man, Half bike
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    Apparently the sponsors were a bit alarmed when he was asked which eight he wanted at the Vuelta and he said:

    Mahou, San Miguel, Alhambra, Estrella, Cruzcampo, Osborne, Sangria and Rioja
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