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I had a genesis croix de fer that is a few years old. I recently scratched it and want to try and touch it up to prevent rust and to make it look nice. I emailed genesis and to my disappointment they not only dont sell the paint but also dont keep a history of the colours they use! Very disappointing from a company you'd expect to be better at that sort of thing. Any way, I'm not left trying to guess the colour code and then order some paint. Any advice? Either on matching the colour, where to order, what paint to use or the process? I'm pretty new to all of it.



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    Nail varnish is excellent for small scratches and chips, and seems to be available in a wide range of shades.
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    try a decent car paint shop, they should have a spectrophotometer - this can measure the characteristics and allow them to identify a matching touch up kit - make sure the measured area is really clean

    if genesis mixed two or more standard colours an exact off the shelf match may not exist, but chances are there'll be one that's close enough to work (the alternative would be a custom mix)

    colour perception is complex, even an 'exact' match is likely to be discernible under inspection, differences in materials, process, etc., but if you do a good job it won't be noticeable unless you go looking for it
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    Thanks, I'll give that a go. I'm not looking for it to be like a new but its be nice for it to be a close match.
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    motor paint factor will match exactly and sell you as much/little as you want.

    it'll be the place the above car paint shop will go to and will be cheaper

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