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HB-M3050 can you remove the spline and is there a threa underneath?

bonzo_bananabonzo_banana Posts: 256
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I see on various sites there is a center lock converter to 6 bolt that is quite cheap like this one.

However a centre lock hub has a spline but it looks like the spline is merely screwed onto the hub on some hubs (not all). Can you simply unscrew that spline and replace with a 6 bolt adapter as above or is the wording wrong and not actually for a center lock hub and in fact the spline is always an integrated part of the hub body merely painted to look like a separate part.

There also appears to be 2 sizes regarding the bolt spacing.

How else could these adapters be used? Are they using a freewheel rear wheel as a front disc brake wheel by mounting this adapter to the freewheel thread?

As ever the instructions and specification are very vague and don't give much information at all.

Just curious how these adapters are used.


  • crankycrankcrankycrank Posts: 1,830
    I don't know the answer about fitting but a part such as this for less than a quid and from aliexpress, that you're relying on to hold your brake rotors, is asking for trouble IMO. Think of cheap, soft, alu threads stripping out on a hard stop.
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