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Hi all,

Taking the OH to Girona for 3 days cycling at the end of September and would appreciate some recommendations on routes. She should be fit for decent miles each day as long as it isn't overly tough and we would like to tick off a few of the "must do's".

We are staying in the old town close to the Eiffel Bridge and any recommendations of where we could grab and early breakfast (either before our cycle on during one of the routes) and any dinner recommendations would also be great.



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    In my opinion the Rococorba isn’t worth it. It’s not enjoyable, toil to the top and then return the same way.
    Girona classic is really good as is the dam ride. Fairytale lanes good for a shorter ride if ever time constrained.
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    Dinner is like any European city, large squares with plenty of different options. All tend to be reasonably priced.
    Angels is a great ride, nice constant gradient with a breather in the middle. At the top of the climb there’s a monastery that may be open for coffee and cake. Nice views. If you follow the classic route in the link I sent it takes you to a beautiful village square with coffee shop/restaurant, fresh out door tap to top up your bottles. He next climb is again a nice steady gradient, slightly shorter than angels, then it’s pretty much an easy ride back to Girona.
    St Hilari is the dam ride. Really good, not to many places to top up water so need to do so when you get the chance. Again really nice views at the dam. One of the descents is steep and gravelly, make sure you’ve got good tyres and happy with your braking. It’s a great ride though, really enjoyed that one.
    Let me know if you want any additional info, that website I linked to previously is really useful, but it’s written by a pro, so a gentle ride in Girona isn’t quite the same as a UK gentle ride.
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    Thanks wOOdster for the info. Much appreciated. Just realised my initial post said "package" instead of "breakfast". No idea what I was thinking when writing that...!
  • Down to the coast and then from Tossa to San Feliux via coast road is great.