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Setting up XX1 AXS

mtbrider123mtbrider123 Posts: 101
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Hi guys,

I’m trying to set up eagle axs groupset but the derailleur sits closer to the wheel than the first cog (50T). I have to move the lower end screw to push the derailleur out so that it is inline with the 1st cog. As I do that, the derailleur doesn’t shift into the last cog, it stops like on the 10th cog (the derailleur doesn’t even move and try to shift further down). The chain has been sized correctly (wrapped around the chainring and largest cog + 2 inner and 2 outer links).

Does anyone know what the problem might be?



  • whyamiherewhyamihere Posts: 7,397
    Have you followed the Sram instructions? It's a bit different to how you might think to do it at first. They have a video here:
  • steve_sordysteve_sordy Posts: 2,124
    errrr, you do have a 12-speed shifter?

    Is your B-gap large enough? It's no good setting by eye at the usual distance. It needs to be quite big, which is why there should have been an orange see through plastic gauge that came with the mech. If you don't have it big enough, the mech fouls on the cassette and prevents the jockey from moving the chain far enough to drop onto the 50T.
    See here: ... CAo&uact=5

    I marked mine with a black marker pen (you'll know where when you get the gauge) as it makes it easier to use in poor lighting.

    PS: Once you have it set up and working properly, keep your eye on the shifting. If you start having odd shifting problems, don't start moving the limit screws! They are fine. Based upon my experience of two bikes with Eagle 12-speed, one XO1, one GX, the mech hanger alignment is critical. Mechs get banged all the time, but the 12-speed ones seem to get banged even more (mine did). After giving up getting my shifting correct and letting the LBS have a go, each of three consecutive times it was the mech hanger alignment. So I bought a ParkTool mech hanger alignment tool. With the 12-speed cassette haveing smaller gaps, the shifting accuracy has to be higher, therefore minor misalignment has its effects more quickly.
  • tom_howardtom_howard Posts: 792
    errrr, you do have a 12-speed shifter?

    It’s AXS so will be :wink:

    You can use the shifter to micro adjust the mech position, relative to the cog. Shift into the 42t (not the 50) then hold the AXS button and use the shifter up/down buttons to move the mech inboard or outboard a tiny amount per press (and there a reasonable range), till you get it bang in the middle. Sounds like you need to move it outboard a bit. Should be all good then, assuming mech hanger is straight, and your b tension screw is fine.
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