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Not really a road bike question more TT

What is the best single or double saddle bottle cage for a TT bike?


  • imposter2.0
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    Saddle mount cages are not ideal for TTs. What distances are you thinking?
  • KevinA
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    It would be more
    For endurance rides

    50 miles and longer
  • cougie
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    Use conventional ones. I think the bike is more aero with them and you won't lose them.
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    More aero than conventional bottles/cages: ... 04672.html

    I have them on the bike I use for Tri (an aero road bike with clip-on bars). They are a bit of a compromise from standard bottles though - getting them in and out of the cage is a little more tricky, and as they don't have a standard nozzle, you can end up spraying the contents over the bike if you grab them too tightly. I'm not really selling these am I!

    I also have a bottle cage on the rear of the saddle, but I use this to store my repair kit in.
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    Endurance rides on a TT bike? Do you mean RAAM/24 hour TT riding or just long days out enjoying the scenery with your mates?
    FFS! Harden up and grow a pair :D