Sniping Halfords and cycling republic offers?

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I am looking to buy a entry level hybrid for light exercise down the Thames path and a short commute.

I’m leaning towards the VOODOO MARASA or Boardman equivalent and was wondering how often Halfords and CR have their sales? I am in no great rush if they typically sell off the current model at the end of the year?

I found a dead link to the 2016 model for £150 as opposed to the £400 the 2019 model seems to go for now.

I need to investigate if Vodafone does a cycle to work purchase option out of my pre tax income and would welcome any other money saving tips please.


  • It will probably be reduced to ~£320 after the kids summer holidays are over and before Black Friday.
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    Also UK cycling, Cycling UK or whatever it is called will give you a 10% discount with membership for all cycling stuff - costs about £25
  • Halfords offer regular discounts on specific bikes and promotional discounts on all their bikes and if you can combine both its a very decent price. I tend to use hotukdeals to search a model and see recent prices too see the possible discounts, not that I've bought a bike from Halfords for many years I'm just curious about bike retailing. Back along someone bought a Carrera Virtuoso for £180 with all the discounts they could including the 10% british cycling discount but full price for the model is £325 I think.