Will Barta - U23 to WT pro

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Read this interesting article tracking Will Barta's training over 4 years from before he went U23 to turning pro with CCC

[warning: potentially geeky content]

https://www.velonews.com/2019/08/traini ... our_499217

A few interesting takeaways for me:

- his power in terms of raw FTP doesn't go up very much, but his ability to put the power out after doing a lot of work changes a lot. The coach talks about training the "tired 20" - 20 minutes hard effort after a lot of work.

- Nice bit about the link between power and tactics:
“When strength improves, [U23 riders] may have access to some racing tactics that realistically they couldn’t execute before. With that ability, though, usually comes some trial and error of figuring out how to use the strength,” Wilson says.

Whole bunch of other stuff, I won't keep copying stuff out, but it's worth a read IMO.


  • Thanks for posting - I did find that a really interesting article as I'd always wondered what riders go through to progress to WT level