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Recently bought my first road bike after coming from a hybrid. Love the new bike however, I've experienced some back ache after rides (which has eased since flipping the stem). I'm 5'6.5" and ride a small Giant Contend. Man in the shop suggested a medium for stack height however, reach was too long and could barley standover it without touching TT so went for the small. Is this just my body getting used to the new position or did I go for the wrong frame size?


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    Could still be reach related, is it upper or lower back pain? Ultimately we're only going to be able to give suggestions but could be little things like saddle position etc. all little changes but they can make a world of difference.
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  • You might find the sore back is simply a result of the different cycling position compared to a hybrid, I certainly went through a phase two years ago after buying my Cube, having solely ridden hybrids and MTBs for over several years on sub 6-mile rides... My back moaned a bit when adapting to doing 30+ mile rides around Old Winchester Hill.
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    My (lower) back problems (on the bike) were cured by regularly stretching my glute muscles.