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Bike carrier for a mega

fil_bfil_b Posts: 30
edited August 2019 in MTB workshop & tech
Hi all

I am after a carrier for my nuke proof mega tr

I found a Thule xpress 970 where I can hang my bike

But I read the suspension bikes have issues on these style carrier

Can anyone confirm if this is an issue?





  • LagrangeLagrange Posts: 652
    Not at all. When putting the bike on the carrier use 3 or four bunjees to stop the pedals or wheels rotating and the bars fixed - these are good carriers. Tell your car insurance you have a towbar and carrier.
  • fil_bfil_b Posts: 30
    Been towing for a few years

    But want to get activ more

    Can’t get 2 bikes in and want to get a carrier and make use of the tow bar

    Just read this type of carrier, suspension bikes have issues being loaded
  • batmobatmo Posts: 277
    Carriers of the type you've shown in the picture work best with bikes with "traditional" frames, where the front triangle is large and the cross-bar almost horizontal. With many MTBs the cross-bar is sloped, has a bend in it etc. and with full-suspension bikes the space in the triangle is taken up with the shock, linkages and so forth, making it harder to fit the bike on the bars of the carrier.

    The Mega has a cross-bar that is much higher at the head tube than it is at the seat tube, this means the tail of the bike will be high and the forks will be low when the bike is put on this kind of carrier. This will make it more of a challenge to balance the load and depending on your car, the front wheel may sit lower than is desirable.

    I use a carrier where the bikes rest on their wheels for this reason.
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  • fil_bfil_b Posts: 30

    That’s clears it for me

    Will look out for a carrier like that

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