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Considering starting local league Adventure bike?

andyh01andyh01 Posts: 570
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Hi all
I'm tempted to start competing in a local league.
I have just one do it all bike a Mason Bokeh Adventure/gravel bike Alloy frame Ultegra disc with 700cx35mm G One tubeless tyres would I be able to use this, or do I need to change tyres?
Is it against the clock fastest time ,or do you all set off together?
I also have a rack fitted which I could remove if needs be - leave on or take off?

Anything else I need to know or just rock up n have a go?


  • imposter2.0imposter2.0 Posts: 11,003
    Your bike will be fine and 35mm is fine for local league events. Depending on conditions on the day, you might be better with different tyres. CX is mass-start and you won't need a rack, so take it off.
  • strip off anything extraneous; mudguards etc or you will not be allowed to race. You may need race license. Be prepared for 40-50 minute red line effort. If it has been raining then bring a 99p plastic bucket and gallon of super hot water (lukewarm after three hours) to rinse self then bike and then bin bags for filthy kit.
  • andyh01andyh01 Posts: 570
    My last cal league Adventure s quite relaxed, certainly no licenses.
    It's just weather I could be bothered to faff with rack all the time.

    Am I likely to trash my bike as well? I appreciate may put bit more wear/tear on consumables parts like chain but will the frame get scratched or wheels buckle
    Are there technical sections that need MTB skills ? I can't wheelie or bunny hop
  • imposter2.0imposter2.0 Posts: 11,003
    There will be technical aspects to most cross courses, but none that necessarily require wheelie or bunny hop skills. Most events have novice classes, where pretty much nobody has those skills anyway.

    As for whether you will scratch your frame or buckle your wheels - who knows. If those are genuine concerns, then either you have the wrong bike, or CX is not going to be for you...
  • andyh01andyh01 Posts: 570
    Genuine concern, just not sure how technical the courses are, I've done blue trails on the bike bit took it slowly.
    I only have the one bike a Mason Bokeh which is like £3500 with upgrades carbon 3T bar, full Ultegra , Hunt wheels. Already got a few paint chips
  • imposter2.0imposter2.0 Posts: 11,003
    Depends what you mean by 'technical'. Circuits should generally be fast, twisty, flowing but no rocks or roots like you might encounter on an MTB trail. Generally speaking, the guidance is that if you are better off on an MTB then the course is too technical. Just do a search on YT for clips from your local league - someone is bound to have taken some footage. That should give you a rough idea of what to expect.
  • bendertherobotbendertherobot Posts: 11,655
    Cyclocross won't trash your bike as a rule of thumb. But it's often muddy, you may fall off, there are things which are going to potentially chip your frame. Your tyres are fine for some days, not for others. Changing tyres regularly is a pain in the censored .

    You don't have the wrong bike. But if you love it or are OCD about it, I'd get a cheap CX bike instead.
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  • Cyclocross may well damage kit. You may not want to take £3.5k bike to a race unless you are a keen racer. if very muddy then 5% chance of ripping your rear mech off and related damage. All sorts of bent kit from falls on off-camber sections. But it all adds to the excitement! Or you could go round cautiously but that's not really racing. Have fun.
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