Choice of a few bikes but not sure which is best

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Hi there, I've seen the sticky post, but i'm looking at 2nd hand bikes rather than new, just to see if i like it before i would invest in the future.

I'm looking to spend a max of say £500 I would say for a 2nd hand bike.

Currently got a very very old Carrera Vulcan which was just a basic bike.. but I remember I did a red route - follow the dog and it was ratling all over the place.

I've been looking over the last week or so at a few different options, googling reviews etc but I'm not sure what if any different the bikes have and thefore which one to go for.

I'm thinking hard tail rather than full suspension? Basically I think i'd be doing trails like follow the dog, perhaps a bit more advanced and some just general riding.

The options I have seen so far on eBay or Facebook Market Place are:

Giant Fathom
Giant XTC Advanced
Giant XTC

No particular reason they are all Giant Bikes, I just like the look of them. I know they won't be brand new or latest model, but while i'm just trying to get back into it, i don't think it matters.

Any advice, does it matter? Any preferences or benefits?

Thank You


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    It would be handy if you could put up a link to what you've seen, pictures make a lot of difference in the secondhand market.

    Also how good a bike mechanic are you, in the secondhand market you need to fix stuff from the start.
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    Have a look at Rutland Cycles. They have a fairly sensible sale on: ... ock/onsale

    Ref HT or FS. You won't get much for your money for a FS and a HT should manage what you want to do.

    If you want 2nd hand - join this FB group and post your requirements. People will reply with what they have to offer. Most are active riders, so you tend to get well looked after bikes and better value for money.
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