Specialised 2017 Tarmac Comp Headset?

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Need some help finding the correct repacement headset bearings.
Specialized Tarmac 2017, Headset Bearings??
Top bearing 1,1/8 - 1,3/8 - 45 45. cartridge bearing.
Lower ball bearing race. Cannot find match on the net, anyone changed these? where to get the new bearings? or any info on replacing the bottom headset bearing with a cartridge bearing.
Any help finding them appreciated


  • lemonenema
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    I dont know firsthand, the current one on their website says it has
    1-1/8"" upper, 1-3/8"" lower, integrated Cr-Mo cartridge bearings

    CaneCreek headset finder says the same thing for the 2016 model Tarmac too so its odd if yours would be different.
    1.3/8" - OD:49 x ID:37 x H:7 x A:45°
    Can you get a photo of the lower bearing and the lower 'cup'?
    only other thing I can think of perhaps is that the cartridge bearing has come apart? Dunno otherwise.