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Very Easy loop round Bakewell ?

DeVlaeminckDeVlaeminck Posts: 6,829
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A friend has just completed a charity coast to coast ride (on and off road) and has come back enthused to take up cycling. Having just bought a new MTB I've said I'll go out with her on a ride. I'm thinking something simple involving maybe the Monsal and/or High Peak trails but maybe with a bit of easy proper off road thrown in for variety - a few quiet lanes to link it up would be no problem.

I know the general area, I've done a fair bit of road cycling and a bit of walking round there but I'm struggling to think of a 40-45ish mile loop. I've always been more of a road cyclist and my MTBing has been very local or trail centres so I may well be missing some obvious routes. Can anyone with more knowledge than me suggest something - doesn't have to be Bakewell anywhere within that kind of distance of Notts/Derby would do. Thanks
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