Speedplay aero cleat covers right / left trade?

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Hi All

I don't know if this post is allowed here or not. I'm not trying to sell anything so hopefully it's OK.

I do pretty much all my riding committing to and from work through London. This means LOTS of traffic lights.
I always unclip my left foot and stand on that at the lights. This means that the cleats on my left foot wear out MUCH faster than the cleats on my right foot.

I have a drawer full (well, maybe 10 of them) of unused or lightly used right aero cleat covers.

I am looking for an equivalent mirror image of myself who has a load of excess left aero cleat covers. We can then trade.

Anyone interested?? :)


  • keef66
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    Maybe you need a commuter from somewhere they ride on the right? Or is it more to do with being right / left handed?

    I'm right handed and always unclip my left foot first. Wonder if that would change if I was riding in Europe?
  • My fellow commuters seem to use either leg when they stop at lights so I'm hoping that I could find someone in the UK to swap with.