Giant Defy Advanced Pro 1 Force 2020

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Just received my Giant Defy Advanced Pro 1 2020 in size ML [I am 178cm , saddle height 76cm and inner leg 87cm]

Absolutely delighted at the looks, the spec and particularly the ride...will report further since I only have one ride once so far





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    Looks great, enjoy!
  • guidodg
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    I am truly enjoying this is so comfy and surefooted I feel like I have always owned it!

    The saddle is also quite amazing....did a 110km ride with 2000m of climbing, no problems at all, I just forgot about it and rode.

    The comfort is also probably due to the 32mm Gavia Fondo tires which I inflate to 4\4,2 bars [I weigh 72kg]...very different to the rock hard tires of yesteryear.

    I will eventually try to lower the stem...this can be tried by taking off all the stem covers but if I decide to keep it lowered I need to cut the steerer [one disadvantage of this Giant stem] . At the moment the top of the stem is 3,5cm below the top of the saddle.

    Really happy!
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  • guidodg
    guidodg Posts: 10
  • Looks nice...What’s the thing under the bars? A very large light?
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    a Knog PWR road
  • Hi, would b really keen to get your thoughts on this bike! I currently have a 2016 pro 0 defy and I'm keen to update this year to the 2020 defy pro 1.
    How r the 32 mm tyres?
    What's your thoughts on the gearing?
    Is the Etap precise?
    The giant seems miles in front for price and features. Would u consider it good value for money? Australian prices are around 6800.
  • I simply love this bike, I would not change anything about it.

    The AXS Etap is perfect in form and function, the sequential shifting set by the phone app is simply amazing.

    The gearing is also perfect for my type of riding with some steep short hills which top out at 20% gradients,,,anything other then the 10-33 cassette would be hard to pedal....and I never need to pedal in a Peloton at 55km\hr [who does] so these modern easy gearings are perfect for the majority of riders.

    Saddle surprised me with the levels of comfort...I have never had a new saddle which kept me comfortable for a 4-5 hr ride without needing any adjustment. The D-fuse seatpost also helps a lot.

    32mm tires supremely comfy and so far [500kms] absolutely no problems.

    At this price with carbon wheels, Sram Force eTap, carbon seatpost and bars, I do not see another bike competing at the price...not even the Canyon
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    Looks really nice. Have you weighed it? If not could you? I take it that it doesn’t come with a power meter unlike most of the Giant range at a similar price?
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    Hi can I ask if it has proper mudguard fixing points & does it fit a proper aluminium mudguard? If so which one have you used ( if applicable) looks like a seriously nice bike