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The long road to mountain biking

pikeman65pikeman65 Posts: 56
edited August 2019 in MTB general
Well it’s been an age since I posted anything on here so I thought I’d post something, way back when my physiotherapist advised me to buy a mountain bike I thought it would be pretty straight forward but how wrong could I have been, to start with I’ve nowhere to keep it, so back in early April me and my wife demolished an old out building in our garden for a man cave and since then I’ve been levelling the land and moving no end of rubble and rubbish and laying the foundation blocks, we also filled 4 large skips by hand and erected a 60 foot long concrete and wooden panel fence, the long and short of it is everything is ready for me to start building the man cave but Sod’s law has stepped in and the timber supplier I’ve got lined up has gone on holiday for 3 weeks and one half of my exhaust has fallen off, this has now been rectified to the tune of nearly a thousand pounds, I’m wondering if I’m gonna get a mountain bike this year :roll:


  • steve_sordysteve_sordy Posts: 2,438
    That sounds like displacement activity to me. :lol:

    displacement activity
    noun [ C or U ] psychology specialized UK ​ /dɪˈspleɪs.mənt ækˌtɪv.ɪ.ti/ US ​ /dɪˈspleɪs.mənt ækˌtɪv.ə.t̬i/

    an unnecessary activity that you do because you are trying to delay doing a more difficult or unpleasant activity:
  • I don’t know about displacement Steve, it’s more like destroying ☹️
  • That is dedication to the cause. The building up is a more positive aspect to a build project, I find. It helps keep your enthusiasm going.
    Good luck with the project, keep us posted.

  • AlejandrosdogAlejandrosdog Posts: 1,975
    lol most people starting off cycling worry about a pump and tyre levers. youve gone straight in with man cave construction works! Straight to the top of the class for you :)
  • Thanks for your words of encouragement guys, i’ve already got all the tools, I’ve even got a bike carrier for my car, I am still enthusiastic about getting my mountain bike just a little bruised with the setbacks, as soon as the timber supplier gives me the go ahead I’ll get wheels in motion :D I’ll keep you all up to speed guys :wink:

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