Upgrading from Mavic Aksium’s

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I’ve had a pair of Mavic Aksium’s for around six years and have been quite impressed.

However I’m thinking of upgrading to something like a pair of JRA Lark Lights or Hunt Four Seasons or something similar.

My question is whether I will notice a marked improvement over the Aksium’s?

And people’s thoughts on Lark Lights, Hunt Four Sesons also welcome.



  • ugo.santalucia
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    They will feel slightly livelier and less dead, but they won't improve your speed or climbing ability very much, if that's what you are after
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    Aksiums are pretty good for four season use especially if paired with decent tyres such as continental GP 4 seasons.
  • Matthewfalle
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    hunts are very overpriced and very not worth it.

    i'd go for something really sweet, really carbon or along the lines of kyserium elite for spring, summer autumn and keep the aksiums for winter.

    farsports, carbonzone are exactly the same as Hunt but half the price

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    Can thoroughly recommend JRA - decent people making good wheels!
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    Or have a chat with Malcolm OTP thecycleclinic.co.uk I have his wheels, very happy with.