Tyre residue

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I've just picked up a Tacx Bushido along with the Tacx trainer tyre and being new to indoor training I'm unsure exactly what is normal and what isn't...
I've just been setting it up ensuring the tyre pressure is correct, the trainer has been calibrated and is right in the middle which seems perfect however I seem to be getting quite alot of tyre residue attaching itself to the flywheel.

Is this normal for a new setup?


  • fenix
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    Depends on the tyre - is yours a soft rubber ?
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    The Tacx Bushido doesn't have a flywheel. Do you mean the roller/drum that the tyre sits on?

    If so then that can be normal if you're using road tyres but it's not necessarily an issue. I can't use road tyres on my trainer (an Elite with plastic roller) as they're too soft, generate huge amounts of marbles and destroy the tread.
  • Shure
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    Apologies, yes on the roller.
    The tyre I'm using is the Tacx Training tyre https://tacx.com/product/trainer-tyre/
  • Normal for the first couple of rides. Should stop with a bit of normal riding. No need to use a special tyre.