What's next? - 16 yr old cyclist.



  • Webboo wrote:
    Just turned 16, been kicking a football round the park with my mates. I’m thinking about being a professional footballer after university what’s an ideal map of games qualifications.
    I wouldn’t want to buy any football boots if it’s going nowhere.

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    If you have the talent 16 is not too old to start cycling and become a pro - Michael Woods and Roglic are two that were older and are now top pros.

    No you wouldn't get into pro football because it is far more of a skill sport and it's a team sport - that kind of shill takes longer to develop and you'd need to be at the right level to play with and against players that would enable you to progress.
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    I once met a guy who did a lot of track cycling when he was younger. He would be at the same track events as a young Bradley Wiggins. My mate said even back then, Bradley Wiggins was head and shoulders above the rest and you could see he was on a different level.

    I think thats when my mate realised what it takes to become pro and he didn't have it.
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    Not suggesting that is meant to put the OP off but playing devil's advocate there are plenty of pros who might have looked at a young Bradley Wiggins on the track and thought they didn't have that talent.

    The OP talks about edging towards semi-pro racing - that still requires talent but nothing on the same level as being one of the greatest endurance track riders ever and winning the TdF. I know a few lads who have made it to semi pro level and that's a more than realistic target .
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    Interesting to look over the previous winners of the Junior Tour of Wales, which is on next weekend. Lots of well known (not at the time) names placing in the overall, points and mountains competitions..

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    Wales. God's own country

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    This is one of the silliest threads I've come across. :lol:

    Recognition at last Matthew, well done!, a justified honour :D
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    He's right you know.