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Front derailleur not shifting to largest cog

bikertbikert Posts: 6
edited August 2019 in MTB workshop & tech
It's a 21-speed with shimano tourney fd.

For some reason the chain stopped shifting to largest cog, and then I decided to tighten the shifting cable which helped a bit but it seems the mech itself wouldn't move far out enough, causing noticeable chain rub. Btw, the cable is almost stiff at this point. I also loosened the high limit screw, which didn't do much.

It also seems placing the derailleur cage parallel to the the outer ring, causes the chain to rub when on a lower ring. It's a fairly new bike.


  • steve_sordysteve_sordy Posts: 2,124
    This will sort you out.

    Front derailleurs rarely go wrong, especially when new, so It should be an easy fix. If you can't fix it, then take it back to the shop.

    Note: A new cable normally sorts out most gear shifting issues.
  • bikertbikert Posts: 6
    Thanx, yea I tested it again, and it seems the derailleur cage wasn't aligned as straight as I'd thought, also I initially tested without riding it, so now when riding it it actually does shift up to 3rd.

  • AlejandrosdogAlejandrosdog Posts: 1,975
    Buy better kit next time
  • steve_sordysteve_sordy Posts: 2,124
    Buy better kit next time

    Bad form Alejandrosdog :(
  • JBAJBA Posts: 2,706
    Buy better kit next time

    :roll: What a pointless, unnecessary statement.
    A new user comes on here asking for help and that's all you can contribute. If you have nothing useful to say then say nothing.
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