Numb hand - set up advice?

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Hi, I get a numb left hand after about 10 miles. I had an accident when someone opened a car door about 10 years ago which ruptured a small ligament in my left shoulder, essentially shortening my reach. My right arm setup works well. I also had 2 ganglion repairs in my left hand around 30 years ago - the wrist is a little stiff.
I've changed my frame to better match my typically leggy female frame and added compact bars to shorten my reach giving me some play space to set the bike up. I have a range of stems and spacers I've played with. I'm more or less there on saddle height fore-aft, rake, size, all feels good and my right arm reach is comfortable. But I ride with my left hand nearly 2cm from the hoods or on the top bar. I also have a herniated disc which predominantly affects my right leg/glutes.This might be making me lopsided.
I am running Sram Rival so I've moved the left shifter up a little then trimmed the brake lever. It's not making much difference. A shorter stem helps the left hand but cramps my shoulders. I wonder if my 38 bars are too narrow. On paper they should be right. Ive always ridden wider bars so they might just feel unusual as new.
Is there a way of reducing the reach on just one side? Might my problem be elsewhere? Should I try wider compact bars?
Any other advice, please? This really does limit my riding!!