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gubber12345gubber12345 Posts: 493
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Hi all
Looking for a set of road tyres for the MTB.can anybody steer me in the direction of a decent set with good puncture protection as my heart is broke with punctures on the knobbly schwalbe tyres I have.

Been on the net looking but struggling to find a set for 29 x 2.10....seems to be every size but that....which brings me here to ask.

Budget is around £50-£60.
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  • lemonenemalemonenema Posts: 212
    Instead of searching for 29" tyres you should search for 700 tyres as they are the same. Your (internal) rim width will be a factor though as you don't want the rim to be wider than the tyre, easy to check and probably won't be a problem.
    I'd suggest continental Gatorskin 700x32 for road use usually about £22 per tire for wired or £28 folding.
  • andy9964andy9964 Posts: 930
    I have Schwalbe Big Apples, in 29x2.35.
    No problems in the couple of months of gravelly paths and potholed roads use.
    Also available in 2.1, and PX have them in 2.0 for £5.99 ... wired-tyre
    More Schwalbe road/MTB tyres
  • billycoolbillycool Posts: 833
    What sort of punctures are you getting?
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  • steve_sordysteve_sordy Posts: 2,417
    If your main concern is to stop your tyres going flat, then look to using sealant. It won't stop you getting punctures, but you will not get any more flat tyres. :D

    If you use tubes, then swap them for Slime tubes. These are standard inner tubes, but already dosed with "Slime". The sealant stops air from leaking past a puncture. It works! Alternatively you may wish to try dosing the tubes yourself, in which case buy some Slime in a bottle. Beware; it's thick stuff and it may not get past a Presta valve (with the valve core removed of course).

    Better still, go tubeless! Your wheels will be lighter and will accelerate faster. It's much easier to add sealant to tubeless tyres. (Lots of tips on YouTube).

    When I had tubes, I averaged a flat every 14 miles, then I bought some Slime tubes and I never got another flat on that bike in the years I had it. I later converted to tubeless and have done so on all my bikes. I've had the occasional bead failure (manufacturing defect) which stopped me. Sooner or later, I guess, I will slash the tyre wall on a sharp rock or a broken bottle, but in over 11 years I've never had a flat caused by a puncture. But I do still get punctures! My record is over two dozen in one tyre and almost the same in the other tyre, but no flats! :D
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