Mavic Cosmic UST

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Any stand out great deals out there at the moment?
After being burned with a new set of Dura Ace wheels 10 years and then spending the preceding years buying second hand or going with Planet X, Cero or EBay carbon I’ve decided to go back to a big brand.
Looking at around £1000 and thinking Mavic Cosmic UST rim brake.
Does anyone know if there are any good deals? Is there any difference between the 2018 and 2019 version?


  • nezza
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    Assuming you mean the Cosmic Pro Carbon UST, I’ve got the SL version which AFAIK are the same rims but different hubs. I looked for ages for a deal but hardly anywhere had them in stock, let alone trying to get rid/shift stock.

    Eventually I found somewhere which listed them for a discount of ~18% (I think it was a mispricing on their website TBH) but I’ve just tried to look at the same vendor and their site seems to be down.

    I’ve looked at and there only seem to be 1 version of these wheels, unless you count the TDF edition.

    FWIW I have zero complaints about the wheels. It was a bit of an extravagance getting the SL version and I’d probably be just as happy with the Cosmic Pro Carbons.
  • warrior4life
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    I was looking at the Comete and the Cosmic.
    Pulled the trigger on the Comete SL.
    Thanks for the feedback, hoping they ride as nice as they look.
    I had the 2014 40c wheels, they were okay.