All your n+1 commuter bikes... How instant is the swap?

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Realised today that I've now got 4 bikes with a mostly common set of stuff that I transpose across to the one I need, but I always faff about with having to swap the mini pump on bottle cage bolts and the backup light (saddle rail mount) across.

While the saddle rail light is going to get replaced across all bikes when aldi release their cycle stuff in December,
I've not found a mini pump that I get additional cages for, so am considering just buying 4 identical mini pumps and being done with it, but think £60 is a bit overkill for 5 mins with an Allen key..

How quick swap is your change to the backup commuter?
Intent on Cycling Commuting on a budget, but keep on breaking/crashing/finding nice stuff to buy.
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  • PhilipPirrip
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    Use a velcro strap either using the bit of the bottle cage between the two bolts to hold the pump in place or wrapped around the down/seat tube and through the bottle cage. Neither way causes any significant interference when using a bottle in the cage.

    Also wrap a couple of lengths of Gorilla tape around the pump both for emergencies and to stop the pump rattling or marking the frame.
  • gbsahne001
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    I have mounts on all the bikes, so it's undo a bit of velcro and move... so no time at all.

    I also have 3 mini pumps between 4 bikes, so it' unusual if I need to swap
  • slowbike
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    We have multiple pumps - and mounts - so it's just a case of swapping one across if the bike hasn't got one on it.
    Same with the saddlebag - just pop across
    Rear light is velcro mount too

    Anything else, I'd just chuck it in my backpack for the duration.
  • fenix
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    All my bikes have their own spares and pumps on. Ready to go. Get a bigger pump if you can - bigger is always better than mini pumps.
  • asprilla
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    For commuting I generally keep some stuff in my bag as I change that less frequently than my bike. I've got a tool roll on the back of the Cervelo that has CO2 and tools, but no tube, pump or tubeless repair kit, the Dolan has a full canister in one of the bottle cages, but again, no pump or tubeless repair kit. The CX doesn't have bottle cages so I've got an enduro strap with a tube, levers and CO2.

    So my bag has a mini pump, tube and tubeless repair kit in it. Apart from today because it wouldn't all fit so I took it out. Will probably be just after my next cataclysmic puncture that I remember to put it all back in again.
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  • roger_merriman
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    I don’t have a spare commute bike, but my fleet only 3, the commute bike has panniers and what not, the other two have saddle bags, so I don’t forget anything!
  • shirley_basso
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    Bottle cage tool holder - takes 2 seconds.

    Mini pump in back pocket.
  • N0bodyOfTheGoat
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    I use the same mini pump and repair kit between the two bikes, just have to remember to pop them in my work shirt pocket, which doesn't always go to plan when I really struggle with SAD woolliness during early winter mornings.
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  • essex-commuter
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    I don't carry anything on the bike except lights so that's all I change over. Mounts on both bikes for lights so 20 seconds or so to swap over.
  • elbowloh
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    Saddle bags on the 2 bikes i use to commute with a multitool, spare tube and levers.

    Commuting bag has a mini-pump and another tube.
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  • keef66
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    2 bikes each with a pump permanently attached. Mount for front light on both so that's a second or two to swap. Rear light is seatstay mounted by a rubber strap so that too takes seconds. Puncture kit / tube / multitool in a seatpack with a velcro strap and 2 buckles; 15 seconds (unless I have a brain-fart and try to fit it upside down again...) Backup rear light clipped on to seat pack.

    Actually just thrown a spanner in the works by fitting a SQR thing to the best bike to take my Carradice bag for all day rides. Now I can't easily fit the small seatpack because of the big old lump on the seatpost...
  • awavey
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    Ive a mount for the mini pump on one bike, annoyingly I fitted it upside down but cba to fix it :) on the other bike it just goes in a pannier pocket, everything else tools/tubes etc is in the saddle bag and it acts as a mount for the rear light and I just swap it over when swapping between bikes, its always the one thing I wish Id done the night before, yet buying 2 of everything just to save a few mins regardless of the faff has never seemed worth it
  • porlyworly
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    Back on the Genesis (mudguards) today as got soaked yesterday.

    Carry a rucksack everyday on the commute so mini pump goes in there, spare tube/tyre levers/multitool all in a bottle that just transfers straight over to the other bike.

    Swap the rear light over (1 min) - takes a few mins in winter as front light bracket is very good but takes ages to remove / fit.
    Check tyres & put a bit of air in (2 mins)
    Moan at wife for "tidying away" spd bike shoes then look for them (??? mins)

    Really must get the same pedals / cleats on all bikes / shoes...
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