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Right, go easy on me. I'm 63 and haven't done much cycling for the past30 years. Now the Grandkids are a suitable age and I need to start exercising more I'm thinking of getting myself a bike for rides in the New Forest on the tracks etc. I won't be flying over jumps etc, my body would probably fall apart!!

I don't want to spend too much so am looking at a max budget of £400. I'm interested in the Trek Marlin 5 2020, the GT Aggressor Sport / Comp and the GT Avalanche Sport. Don't know much about these apart from the Trek having hydraulic disc brakes.
What's your views on these bikes and which is considered to be the best and why etc.? I'm 6ft tall so what size would I require as well?

Many thanks.


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    For that money this would be a much better buy, ... e-15905596
    Also by the way at 63 you're still a spring chicken.
    Now where's that "Get Out of Crash Free Card"
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    Unless you are outside the normal in your body proportions, you will be a size large on most bikes.

    By the way, 63 is not old. I'm 68 and didn't even start mtb until I was 57. MTB is a great sport, persist with it and you will very quickly get fitter. Once you are hooked, you will find yourself spending more and more time and money on mtb. :lol:

    Something I can recommend is for you to take up PIlates. It will improve your core strength, flexibility and balance.
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    robertpb wrote:
    For that money this would be a much better buy, ... e-15905596
    Also by the way at 63 you're still a spring chicken.

    It has schwalbe tyres, have they not been a problem lately, though, nice bike
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    Never had any problems with them and as they are the second most used tyres in enduro races and a lot of DH races, they must be OK.
    Now where's that "Get Out of Crash Free Card"
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    Thanks for your help gents. I will definitely look at that bike, I've read some cracking reviews on the bike since you mentioned it. I'm away until mid August so will have a look into it then. I love the fact I'm a "spring chicken" and "not old". There's certainly some days when getting up I certainly don't feel it!!
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    I am 73, I have a Boardman full suss to ease my aching bones and trail ride around Sherwood forest and the Blue trail at Sherwood Pines 3 times a week. If you are really wanting to get into it I would spend a bit more and go full suss! Boardman or Go Outdoors Bossnut bikes are both good.
    Good luck and enjoy it.
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