Short/snub nose saddle

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Is anyone ridiing one of these short saddles that claim to be more comfortable in the aero position. Interested in your thoughts.TIA


  • I have a Specialised Power and love it.

    Like all things saddle it’s clearly a personal thing, but for me it’s “just right”.
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    whts the difference between these and a sort nosed TT saddle out of interest?

    or is it just another load of marketing gumpf?

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    This is one of the silliest threads I've come across. :lol:

    Recognition at last Matthew, well done!, a justified honour :D
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    He's right you know.
  • Ive tried a lot of saddles over the years for my fat ar*e but I can honestly say that the Specialised Power Saddle Im using now is the best ever.

    Gone are the numb bits, it just works and I went pretty wide on mine as in 168mm. Its been brilliant to the point that a numb and achey baskside is no longer a concern before a lengthy ride.
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    I recently bought a Power Arc for my titanium bike, so far so good and I'm really hard to please with my saddles. I nearly went for another SMP Dynamic which is my favourite saddle to date and although I haven't done enough miles to be sure I think it might be the equal for me or possibly even more comfortable in time.
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    Specialized power (or versions of) swapped an had zero issues since very comfortable saddle.
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    I tried a Power because I was for the first time getting a bit of perineal numbness, and I happened to notice a fellow forumite selling one. Happily (post-purchase) it turned out to be the correct width for my @rse according to the sit-ometer in the bike shop. Not sure the short nose has anything to do with the comfort for me, more the broad. flat shape and the cutout. It's possible I'd be as comfortable on a wide Toupe or Phenom, but I tried the Power first and found it just worked for me.

    The short nose does mean there's only really one place to sit, so you need to get the fore-aft positioning spot on, and if you like to move around a lot this isn't for you. Similarly some people find the wider wings dig into the back of the thighs. Not an issue for me and my sparrow legs.
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    I have fitted Prologo Dimensions on all three of my road bikes. I had been using Prologo Kappa PAS's on them for years but in the last year or so had been suffering from numb nuts on longer rides. I bought a Dimension 143 and loved it and so after a few months use, changed the saddles on the other two bikes to the Dimension too. Been using it now since January and haven't suffered any numbness since. They're quite firm compared to the Kappa but not uncomfortable.
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    I quite fancy trying a Pro Stealth saddle, more out of curiosity really just to see how I get on with it.

    Price is putting me off though.
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    OP with noseless saddle you need to retrain to only sit on ichtial tuberosity and lose sliding positions for riding 'on the rivet'.