Chainring spacers, too expensive

Midnight Posts: 80
£10 for 8 is a joke

Yes I know we spend £000's on a bike but I hate waste

I needed to replace a chainring protector on my bike, yes I like them just to finish off the bikes look, but needed spacers.

Ended up simply drilling out the centre of four nuts, 100% the right size



  • lemonenema
    lemonenema Posts: 216
    I usually raid the spare parts boxes or as you, make your own.
    I had to make a shock link bolt because the only way to get over was to buy a full kit for £50
  • Midnight
    Midnight Posts: 80
    I have learned a LOT and I mean a LOT since joining this forum, the help from other members is superb, being NUTZ.......... sorry for the pun, Aspergers, Autistic, I rarely use shops because I hate being amongst crowds, so I shop online.

    Reading the forum and asking for help has been GREAT