which waterproof shorts?

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Hello, I realise its now full on British summer and anything more than a thong will be too hot, but thinking ahead a few months (weeks?) Im wondering about getting some waterproof shorts.

Ive currently got a pair of Madison Addict which are really good general shorts to be fair, and are billed as being water resistant, which of course means water gets straight through the bottom when out riding in the wet.

What (sub £60) are worth buying? or is it worth just having a wet bum and getting on with it as I always have?
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    I have no use for shorts as I wear knee and shin guards. If I wear shorts I get the thigh flash while pedalling. :shock:
    I use the Endura MT500 Spray Baggy 3/4 trouser. :?:

    Yes I know it says "trouser", but they come just past the knee so they neither look nor feel like a "trouser". They have a waterproof bum and back and water repellent everywhere else. They have zip vents on the thighs (with anti-fly mesh) and zip pockets too. No padded undershort included. Adjustable belt at the waist and adjustable velcro at the knee. According to their size chart, I am a size Large, but had to buy an XL to feel comfortable.

    Despite me thinking that they would be too hot in the Summer and not warm enough in the Winter, I accepted the recommendation of another rider on the MBR website (now defunct). They are brilliant and I wear them all year round. The ones I have are 4-5 years old and only now starting to look a bit past their best. I have another brand new pair in reserve in the biking cupboard.

    They were about £65-£70 when I bought the first pair, but they have earned their coin and have been worth every penny. Two years ago, I saw the second pair in the bargain bin outside the shop at Cannock and paid £35, and another pair for my grandson. Bargain! :D
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    aye rip MBR forum
    thanks Steve.
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    My mate also has the MT500's and really rates them for winter riding.

    I got a pair of Tog 24 overshorts from an outlet shop sale bin a few years ago and they work really well. Just the plain nylon outer that I stick over my normal baggies (Endura Humvies).

    I use a tech wash and re-proof them once in a while and they're great. Best £10 I ever spent!
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    After getting soaked again in Llandegla on Sat Ive decided Im going to get a large pair of army MVP trousers and cut them down to knee length. Will report back in due time.
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    mt500 spray shorts I've been wearing recently, seem pretty water resistant as I've washed them a couple of times in nik wax cleaner and waterproofing solution.

    doubt I would want fully waterproof shorts until nearer autumn/winter when its colder, be too warm in the recent weather.