Hub, Derailleur or chain?

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Hi. Maybe someone can help. I have campag shamal ultra wheels and Ultegra (pretty old) rear derailleur. I took my bike for a service recently and the mechanic said all was good - all he did was put new cabling and cable housing on and he said he tightened up my rear wheel (I think) because there was some play in it. Anyway, ever since very occasionally when I put the power on after not pedalling (eg when exiting a corner) the wheel doesn’t engage as quickly as normal - like something isn’t catching. I’m thinking maybe the hub needs servicing or something, but maybe it’s something more simple. It only seems to happen under strain so I can’t recreate it with the bike in a stand - I’m pretty sure it’s not the chain slipping.. Any ideas??! Cheers!


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    To me it sounds like the freehub isn't engaging and might need a clean/service, but I've never experienced that myself so not sure. Is there any play in the cassette?
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    Thanks for the reply - There’s no play in the cassette.. I think you could be right. I don’t think I’ll attempt to service the rear hub - hopefully it won’t end up being expensive!
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    You say you think it’s your hub but you’re not going to look and yet you hope it’s not going to be expensive....

    You haven’t said what hub you have but most of them are very simple to service and most hub ratchet systems cost nothing to repair but a bit of light grease or oil and a few minutes cleaning things.

    You might as well check the bearings whilst you’ve got the hub open. If your hub is cup and cone it’s worth cleaning and adjusting every now and again anyway to prolong life. Some hubs have replaceable cones cups and axles but it’s miles cheaper to do some Pre emptive maintenance.

    If you have a Shimano hub, the freehub is generally not serviceable. But the main hub body is.

    Why would you waste your time doing this? It’s quicker than going to a bike shop and an awful lot cheaper.

    Ok you might need some tools but you’ve probably already got them. Maybe a cone wrench but you can buy one of those with all the sizes on one for a couple of pounds online.
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    There are so many freehub designs but couldn't over tightening the axle bearing cones and locknut restrict the freehub operating? To be honest I'm not familiar with Campagnola stuff at all but I feel that it's possibly been over-tightened in order to remove the slack or maybe even he has applied grease into the freehub to effect the pawls/ratchet mechanism. Seems logical anyway that whatever he has done has caused this and should be sorted for free as surely not correctly done. Cycle shops don't always get it right first time. Maybe you can find a schematic for your type of hub, always helps me get my head around potential issues.
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    Okay cool, thanks for the advice. Maybe I’ll give him a call and ask him what he tightened..
    I’m not really that technical - the hub is the campag hub that came with the wheel. Pics in link below. Not long ago I tried to service the hub on my 5 year olds frog 43 and messed it up, so I’m not that confident beyond replacing an chain and rear cassette, indexing gears and adjusting brakes!! ... pressions/
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    Oooo sorry I see you did say shamal in your first post.

    Nice wheels. I’d whip those bad boys apart and reassemble. Like bongo says, not every lbs knows what it’s doing nor do they always check.

    Plenty of you tube instruction on those hubs I’m sure.
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    Those hubs are a piece of p1ss to service if you have a modicum of mechanical knowhow. Plenty of YouTube videos to guide you step by step through the process and no proprietary tools are needed.
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    Okay cool. I’m not going to be doing this for a little while as I’m away with the MTB. But when I sort it out I’ll update the post. Thanks for all of he advice!
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    I wish I had that freewheel system right now. That skipping when applying power after freewheeling is most definitely the pawls in the freewheel not engaging properly. Maybe the mechanic over greased them when reassembling. Did the wheel sound quieter than usual when freewheeling? Usually a sign of the pawls being over packed with grease.
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    It possibly is a bit quieter - hard to tell though, especially when everyone I ride with have incredibly loud rear hubs. I did take it to a more MTB oriented shop - so perhaps MTB hub levels of grease were applied - he’s done a good job with other bikes, so I’m totally okay if this is what it is. I’ll definitely take it apart and give it a bit of a once over. They are nice wheels - It’s a 2009 Focus cayo and the only upgrades are wheels and seat. I’d like to get a new bike but everything in my budget means I’ll be shelling out for some wheels that I’ll probably just take off because I love these. When I get round to doing this I’ll update the post - won’t be for a couple of weeks though - thanks again.
  • Well - I’ve finally got round to doing this! The pawl spring (circle type) has snapped. I’m surprised it was working at all. It was loaded with grease, so could have been that that caused it, or a complete coincidence. Anyway, it seems like a bit of a weak link to me. Thanks for all of the advice!