Flat mount calipers on post mount frame

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I've bought a set of R7070 calipers, but have just realised that the frame they are going on is made for a post mount set up :oops:

Is there any sort of adapter or something I can buy?

NB I'm already using an adapter on the rear so I can run 160mm rotors when the frame is designed for a 140mm rear.



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    I had that issue and thought I could get round it with adapters etc too but only heard of the AS Solutions brackets but by time you add postage and no doubt import duty & RM fee you're looking at over £90. I ended up with R7020 levers, BH90 hoses and M8000 callipers and despite what you read it works very well. I've only one 130 miles on this set up but am impressed with how well it went together. All in it cost me £90, £60 for the callipers and another £60 for the hoses but I had a gift card from Halfords to use up so that meant the hoses were £30.
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  • That's great stuff, thanks.

    I'm going to go with the R785 calipers which apparently are compatible with the 7020 levers.