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Fulcrum freewheel

lookkg241lookkg241 Posts: 8
edited July 2019 in Workshop
Freewheel off a 5.5 wheel. Has an internal 11mm hex screw that as far as I can see unscrews to reveal the internal pawls and bearings. This 11mm screw won't budge with an extension bar and a lot of force, tried both directions, left and right without success. Any advice people? £60 to replace with the same inferior internals, no thanks.img]


  • papaveropapavero Posts: 57
    You may be doing it wrong?
  • lookkg241lookkg241 Posts: 8
    Thank you for the reply. I have seen that video as you tube is normally my first point of call to gain knowledge but that is a total different freewheel to the model I have.
  • jermasjermas Posts: 484
    The 11mm will undo, its just very tight. I think its standard thread (anti-clockwise to undo). If you have access to a vice, its easier to mount the 11mm hex tool in the vice and use both hands to turn the wheel to undo. Depending on the model, the freehub might need tool Super B TB-1018 to gain access to the internals.
  • lookkg241lookkg241 Posts: 8
    edited July 2019
    Tried with a lot of force to remove the 11mm screw.... More than I think is necessary for a bicycle component.
    Would the tool you linked be needed to use before hand? I'm going to try heat next as the freewheel is shot anyway.
  • lookkg241lookkg241 Posts: 8
    Freewheel is RPW-22 RED POWER SL.
    Viewable on Fulcrum UK website.
    Update: Actually on the Fulcrum UK website the freewheel I need to repair is a RT-013. According to them it is a sealed unit that isn't serviceable but replaceable.
    So £60 fro chain reaction or £40 form Fulcrum for something that isn't upto the job in British conditions.
    Really put off with the quality of Fulcrum wheels.
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