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Van Nicholas Yukon

newpotnewpot Posts: 34
edited July 2019 in Road general
Hi, can anyone help, I have a 2010 VN Yukon, I am trying to find out what the forks are made of, I suspect it's carbon alloy. I have asked VN but they haven't replied.

Thanks for any anticipated help


  • lemonenemalemonenema Posts: 212
    Their current lineup of fork options, I dont know how youd find out about a 2010 model other than waiting for a reply.
    This is from their website which you may have already seen
    1. Audax - Carbon blades and alloy steerer - clearance for 28mm tyre and standard caliper brakes
    2. TRX touring - Alloy fork - clearance for 54mm tyres and V-brakes
    3. SLX - Carbon blades and alloy steerer - 'larger' tyres, comes as either Disc brake mount or a dual Caliper/V-brake option

    You can usually tell what the material is just by tapping it, carbon sounds more dull than alloy
  • mangliermanglier Posts: 1,007
    Er, remove the top cap and have a look?
  • paul_smith_srccpaul_smith_srcc Posts: 247
    edited March 2021
    If it is the original Van Nicholas forks then they had carbon fibre legs with alloy steerer and crown, as are the current Van Nicholas caliper forks used on the Yukon. Note some UK dealers often fitted cheaper forks from different manufactures so look for the Van Nicholas branding

  • lemonenemalemonenema Posts: 212
    looks like this is going to be another thread where the OP doesnt bother to read/reply.
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