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Benefit of torque caps

steve_sordysteve_sordy Posts: 2,126
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I have seen references to torque caps cropping up here and there. I wondered what they were and Googled them:

Some questions arise.
# Are they hub specific, like when you convert from 10 speed to 11 or 12 speed?
# When you buy a fork that is torque cap compatible, do they come with torque caps, or do you then have to track down hub specific torque caps?
# Can you use torque cap compatible fork on a ordinary hub, or is that definitely NOT advisable? And why.
# This was a Rockshox change and apparently has been on all their new forks since 2016. Are other fork manufacturers following suit?
# I can see Rockshox changing the design of their hubs to suit their new forks, but are other hub manufacturers following suit?
# I can't see Rockshox doing something like this if it makes no difference, but can ordinary riders notice? Or do you have to be an elite rider or just a big fat feller to notice?


  • JBAJBA Posts: 2,707
    Not hub-specific per se but you need hubs that can be converted to torque end caps. I have put them on my Hope Pro4 front hub with RS Yari forks. I *think* they have made the front end slightly stiffer, but that could just be a placebo effect.

    You can use a regular hub in torque forks without any problem but you have to fiddle about sometimes to line things up when fitting the axle.
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  • tom_howardtom_howard Posts: 792
    They were originally designed to give the RS-1 USD fork extra stiffness, Christ knows it needed it, as it was running a proprietary hub and dropout setup. RS then rolled out something similar across all its forks. Does it make a difference? I imagine it does in a lab with tiny differences measured to the Nth degree, but on a trail, with normal, right way up forks, I can’t tell the difference.

    To answer your questions

    #The difference in torque caps over normal is the surface area that is in contact with the forks, but obviously different hubs have different specs, so buy the one that fits your hub.

    #no,forks don’t come with them, see above

    #i do, works fine on my levo. Torque caps are available, I haven’t bothered to get some.

    #No, it’s a rockshox proprietary thing.

    #DT Swiss and Specialized are, if others have any sense, they will too.

    #see above
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  • steve_sordysteve_sordy Posts: 2,126
    Thanks to Tom Howard :D
  • AlejandrosdogAlejandrosdog Posts: 1,975
    Surely it’s time for new axle diameter standards.

    Bigger diameter, stiffer, lighter, more control, faster.

    New frame. New forks, new hubs, new tools, new bling. Everyone is happy
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