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Garmin Edge 830 text message notification problem

pete1336pete1336 Posts: 84
edited July 2019 in Road general
Running the latest firmware, on the garmin device under 'connected features - phone, this is enabled and under smart notifications in that section I have text messages, phone calls and other enabled.

On the garmin connect app on my samsung s8 plus phone under settings - smart notifications I have whatsapp and messages enabled. I also have email enabled and when my phone gets an email whilst out on a ride this comes through to the head unit...however...text messages and whatsapp messages do not.

Is this a known bug, if not what am I doing wrong?


  • redveeredvee Posts: 11,922
    Unselect the non-working message options then reselect them. I find when I get message alerts etc onscreen the display freezes temporarily, the speed/cadence/time stays at what it was when the alert comes in but is simply cured by swiping right, or is that Tinder?
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  • pete1336pete1336 Posts: 84
    After trying this several finally worked. Quirky unit but thanks.
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